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order page

here you can order various services and licences for my mods and screensavers and you can also hire me to webdesign or install scripts or setup and maintain websites you can also order domainnames from me as well

*if you dont see the domain extension you require then please contact me as I can register almost any extension for you

Payment is Accepted via PayPal [I will send a PayPal invoice to you when you order products/services via this site] in some cases I may be able to arrange a off-line payment method

eFiction Mod Copyright Removal licenses
  eFiction Mod Copyright Removal licenses for my eFiction mods can be ordered from here
hire me for web design work

select this to hire me for custom web designing work (i.e setting websites up, web page design/theme setup/design etc)

Order ad ons
  order addons here such as SSL certificates and Whoisgard protection
screensaver license
  you can buy a screensaver license here
script installation service
  order this to order a installation of a script on a domainname of your choice that you own
script update service
  update a script that you have installed to its current version
Register a domain only
You can register a domain, without buying any other product.