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As you may have noticed the site has been less actively updated recently and the reason behind this is as some of you know despite my best efforts myself and the site have not been remotely noticed by either Ellie or her uk management in the 5 years it has been online, so this is forcing me to reconsider the sites online future and whether its viable to keep the site online,

as some of you who have been members from the start know, I have tried my best with EG to get the site and the hard work that is put into the site  noticed but I am starting to think that its just not meant to be (with all the projects that went unnoticed, the secret halcyon album listening that I was not even invited too and several other things that I’m not even going to bother to post about

also maybe its just not meant to be (Especially when you have twats like @Elliegalways about, (That have not done half as much as me and they get noticed) that think they are better than everyone else just because they have been noticed (and yes don’t think I’ve forgot about you, your site will be dealt with for crossing me soon enough)

while I decide the sites long term future there will be few if no updates as in news posted to the site

hope you can understand my position on this.

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