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I would just like to ask the users of the site and former forum members if they would like the site to have a new forum and more importantly if one was created would it get used?

as you may know recently due to certain people stealing content/members  from the site and passing the said content off as their own things have been in decline here at the site I am hoping  relaunching the forum may change this situation so as I have posted above if I create a new forum for the site would you use it? and I would need a few Ellie fans to actually help run the forum itself as I am currently busy with the site and since I haven’t been noticed once I am now also working on other projects, if your interested in the new forum then please tweet me on twitter (@elliegfancom) whether you would 1) use the forum and 2) if chosen, help run it too

should probably mention that things at the site are not great at the moment thanks to certain people that will remain nameless (though you probably know by now who I am talking about) and if the relaunch of the forum doesn’t work well I will probably have to consider shutting the site down for a while.

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