For Fans

01. Concert/ Gig  Reviews new

Have you seen Ellie Live? Tell us about it

02. Fan Art new

Have you drawn a picture of Ellie Goulding or made some other type of fanart to do with Ellie Goulding if so send it in

03. Fan of the Month new

Do you want to be fan of the Month and featured in the sites sidebar? if so apply here!

04. Guitar Tabs / Chords

Learn how to play Ellie’s songs here!

05. Look a likes

Do you think you look like Ellie or do you know someone who looks like her f so send us in a picture

06. Your Ellie Collection

Are you proud of your Ellie Collection if so send a picture in here

07. When I met Ellie new

Share your experiences and pictures of when you met Ellie Goulding

Fun & Games

07. ABC’s new

a word for every letter of the alphabet to describe Ellie Goulding – Submit your words here

08. Caption It new

What is Ellie Thinking?

09. Cover Songs

What songs would you like to see Ellie Sing?

10. Duet

Who would you like to see Ellie perform with?

11. Hang out with Ellie

if you could spend one day with Ellie what would you do?