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Current Entries

ellie and HollieName: @HollieMcveagh

Experience of meeting Ellie: Meeting Ellie was amazing! She took me and @jordanhampton into the studio with her to listen to her interview. She’s definitely the most lovely person you shall ever be lucky enough to meet! It was amazing, she’s even more beautiful in person and has the cutest laugh :)


Name: Dean  (@Deanorourke)

Experience of meeting Ellie:
It was just before her gig in London 2010! She was just about to go for a jog and she stopped and we chatted for a few minutes and had a picture!! It was literally one of the best days of my life!! She’s amazing :)


Name: @katieeelouise_

Experience of meeting Ellie:
The day I met Ellie was literally the best day of my life ever!
Me, @Kenna_DL and @abcdefredi waited outside Radio 1 studios in London for over 2 hours. SO worth it. It was the day that Anything Could Happen was being aired for the first time so you could tell she was a bit nervous.When she finally came out, I was crying everywhere so she hugged me and was like “awh bless you” – she is the loveliest sweetest person ever! :)